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Welcome to the webpage of the PA-RISC Linux port team

PA/Linux 2.4 series kernel CVS version is 2.4.27-pa4
PA/Linux 2.6 series kernel CVS version is 2.6.17-rc6-pa2

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The PATeam started as a bunch of students from an engineering school in Paris called ESIEE. The Team is working with the "PA/Linux" group on the PA-RISC Linux Port project. For a complete history of the PATeam, you can check our Team History page. And for any question, suggestion or comment, you may also contact us at any time. On this website, you will find frequently updated information about the project, the team and also links to international related websites.

On December 11, 2001 the PA-RISC Linux development community announced version 0.9.3, which was then the latest version of Linux for computers using Hewlett Packard's PA-RISC processor. This release was the last one in a series representing several years of work by developers in the Free Software community including people from The Debian Project, Hewlett Packard, ESIEE, and Linuxcare. Visit the official PA-RISC Linux Site for further information.

Since then, the port has been released as a supported platform by the Debian Project with the release of Debian 3.0 and 3.1 for hppa. Check the HPPA Port page.

Nowadays, the Team is mostly focused on kernel development, especially to get Linux working on most recent PA-RISC machines.

Freshest News

05 May 2006: More bits from Thibaut: an update to PdcChassis which now supports all machines; as well as new features added to PdcStableStorage: displays diagnostic and can read/write OS-dependent data!
12 Jan 2006: A major update to PDC Stable Storage driver has been committed by Thibaut: v0.22 presents a coherent SYS-FS interface to the Stable Storage content (most of it being world readable), supports AutoBoot/AutoSearch toggle, and is now SMP safe!
25 Jun 2005: Support for the AD1889 sound chip (found on some CXXXX/JXXXX/BXXXX) has been achieved!
06 Jun 2005: Debian Sarge is out! Of course, it supports PA-RISC. Enjoy!
23 Mar 2005: There it is! The brand new (yet rather empty) Ubuntu HPPA Unofficial Website!
The port is going well, and we expect to improve it quickly, enjoy!
01 Mar 2005: Thibaut has started to work together with LaMont Jones on porting Ubuntu to hppa. More to come soon, stay tuned!
26 Jan 2005: Thibaut strikes back. After having done the "read-only" version of the PDC Stable Storage access driver, he has committed the first bits to support changing the various Boot Paths (such as Primary/Alternative boot device, Console/Keyboard paths...). Enjoy!
23 Jan 2005: There has been an unexpected power outtage here at school and several boxes had some recovery troubles. Especially the box hosting our MySQL database, which HD died. Therefore we have lost all news entries since Jul 9th, 2004 :-(
As a consequence, we have moved the MySQL db onto the webserver.
We are trying to 'revive' some of the news and tasks by recalling what happened and when, but it will certainly be a rather imprecise work :-P

If you want more about what we have already done...

Linux systems are also used in the programming of software for real time gaming games.

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