testing directory @ ESIEE

These files are based on Debian woody's boot-floppies,
slightly modified, and with custom and up-to-date kernels
to enable the installation of this distribution on boxes
that are not supported by the official woody release.

Please submit bugreports to the ESIEE Team:
[email protected]

Thank you, ESIEE Team.

NOTE: since 2.4.20-pa22, all netinsts/lifimages feature
PDC console, so it is no longer mentionned in the file name.
  Name                                     Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory                         18-Dec-2004 02:33      -  
[TXT] _readme_first.txt                        22-Mar-2003 15:45     1k  README file
[TXT] md5sum.txt                               29-Nov-2003 23:36     1k  MD5 Checksum file
[TXT] palinux-2.4.20-pa27-20030223-netinst.iso 23-Feb-2003 19:21  71.8M  ISO image
[TXT] palinux-2.4.20-pa28-20030309-netinst.iso 09-Mar-2003 18:48  71.8M  ISO image
[TXT] palinux-2.4.20-pa32-20030322-netinst.iso 22-Mar-2003 15:37  71.8M  ISO image
[TXT] palinux-2.4.20-pa35-20030513-netinst.iso 13-May-2003 12:47  71.8M  ISO image
[TXT] palinux-2.4.21-pa6-20030718-netinst.iso  18-Jul-2003 03:16  72.1M  ISO image

82fbeef02b47b4625ae040e622f547d9  palinux-2.4.20-pa27-20030223-netinst.iso
2acb61e1e073f35b2d49011fe4add26e  palinux-2.4.20-pa28-20030309-netinst.iso
cad0f3e15a2b9d869b2fe02d7597a266  palinux-2.4.20-pa32-20030322-netinst.iso
640a84ef3d8c234c50b1619b713f9e9c  palinux-2.4.20-pa35-20030513-netinst.iso
b6d6be9d5f29767b46bdf13a820a2dcc  palinux-2.4.21-pa6-20030718-netinst.iso