IMGP0135 [1M]

Storing stuff at home

IMGP0136 [1.1M]

Raw mess. Every cleaning starts with messing up everything :)

IMGP0137 [1M]

Emptying B180s

IMGP0138 [1.1M]

Post modern art?

IMGP0139 [1.2M]

When things start to go wrong: incompatible rails, take #1

IMGP0140 [878k]

Incompatible, they are.

IMGP0141 [958k]

I mean, like, *really*...

IMGP0142 [1.2M]

Let's force things a bit. Bending and screwing...

IMGP0143 [1M]

...might not be the solution (look at the small gap).

IMGP0144 [1.6M]

While at it, load some RAM in the L1000

IMGP0145 [1.2M]

It looks more messy whilst it's not!

IMGP0146 [1.1M]


IMGP0147 [1M]


IMGP0148 [1.1M]

Rack fully loaded, first pass at cleaning mess

IMGP0149 [1.1M]

Pass 2, enough for tonight (it's almost 1AM).

IMGP0150 [1.2M]

Panning view #1

IMGP0151 [1M]


IMGP0152 [1.1M]


IMGP0153 [1M]


IMGP0154 [1.1M]

#5, 'nuff!

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