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The KGDB patch, which is maintained by Amit S. Kale and which homepage can be found at kgdb.sf.net, has been ported to the PA-RISC platform by Laurent Canet and Thibaut Varene.

It's an incomplete work, since we only support all features of the i386 implementation (except hardware breakpoints and step-by-step code execution at the moment), on the following hardware:

  • All 32bit capable GSC boxes featuring Dino/Lasi RS-232 serial port.

The port is no longer maintained. If anyone is interested in taking over it, feel free to contact us. We have a bit more stuff in our own source tree (first attempts at supporting SuperIO)...

WARNING! Please keep in mind this patch has not been thoroughly tested. Please read the documentation in Documentation/parisc/kgdb-serial.txt and the Config Help hints. It is more or less a "beta" version.

You can contact us at


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