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Detailed Hardware Support

Here is a quite updated list where you see the status of PA/Linux for each class even for the precise model if the info is available. So, if you have any comment or any addition. If you have tested a model that is not appearing here or you disagree with what this list shows about a model, feel free to contact us, too. Your experience is very useful, since HP models with PA-RISC are numerous! By default, we put what is working and what should be working.

Do not forget to register yourself here!

Last update: kernel 2.6.16-rc2-pa1
This list is under heavy update! Thank you for understanding

In blue, you have the comment of the Team.

The list is updated permanently but do not differenciate the versions (0.9, 0.9.1, 0.9.2, 0.9.3, Debian 3.0) and it takes care of kernel upgrades! This list informs you what the newest kernel can or can't do. At least, when the update is performed

In red, X means that it does not work, or has not yet been tested.
In green, V means that the test was successful (graphics mode).
In orange, V-S means that the test was successful while using the serial console only!

Must be completed! Ordered alphabetically
Class Model Working Width Comments and remark
rp 800/rp3440 X 64 Tested here! Running two CPUs (4 cores) is currently very buggy on that box, but it behaves a bit better when one CPU (2 cores) is deconfigured at boot time, or when running a UP kernel. Still, it is probably experiencing some cache troubles as well. As it is certainly not yet deemed to be "operational", we cannot tell it "works". boot log
A 800/A500-6X V-S 64 SMP seems buggy on that box, probably experiencing some cache flushing troubles. Under work.
800/A500-5X V-S 64 Tested here! SMP seems to work fine since 2.4.17.
800/A500-44 V-S 64 Should work as A500-5X
800/A400-44 V-S 64 Guy Martin reported successful installation with 2.4.20-pa35. See this dmesg.
800/A180C V-S 32  
B 785/B2600 V 64 Tested here! We have installed a complete system on this box, it works well, though it seems that there is a bug with SYM1 SCSI driver. Use SYM2 instead. Thomas Bogendoerfer also said he has an X running on B2600, which we haven't. He explained us later that only VIS-EG graphics are supported in framebuffer. FX cards aren't, and you have just STI_CONSOLE working on these boxes, including B2000 and B1000, so don't expect to see X running there.
786/B2000 V 64 Tested here! It seems to be working now but the SuperIO support needs improvement. See the remark about graphics on B2600.
785/B1000 V 32
778/B180L V 32 Tested here! The framebuffer is working! You have to setup X to use the same resolution as the STI Framebuffer. See this file for details.
778/B160L V 32
778/B132L(+) V 32
C 785/C3800 X 64 C8000 suffers most of the PA8800/PA8900 currently under investigation, (see rp3440), so we can't really tell it works. Besides we didn't receive feedback about it yet.
785/C3750 V 64 Randolph Chung sent us this mail, so it works!
785/C3700 V 64 We received confirmation from Brendan Horan that this box works. See this dmesg.
785/C3600 V 64 Since it's shipped with FX gfx cards which aren't supported (see B2600), you have to replace it with Vis-EG or any other supported gfx card to use the framebuffer.
As usual if you have additional info, please mail us!
785/C3000 V 64 Grant Grundler succeeded in installing it via network. If you want to use the IDE CD-ROM, you will have to use our netinst ISOs.
785/C360 V 64 It is operational. LEDs are working now.
782/C240 V 64 According to this mail Markus Grabert sent us, it is fully functionnal.
See those previous mails for any further info: this mail, and this about 64bit.
782/C200 V 64 Jakob Sandgren reported that PA/Linux ran on this box.
Ryan Bradetich told us that 64-bit kernel is running with 2.4.14 version.
780/C180 V 64 Works fine.
780/C160 V-S 64 According to this mail it is operational. See this one about serial.
777/C110 V 32 It is operational.
777/C100 V 32 We have received a confirmation of a successful install of 0.9.3.
Others X It should be working, but we have no feedback about a successful try. So, mail us if it is the case!
D 810/D380 V-S 64 Successful report: dmesg and cpuinfo with 2.4.21
871/D370 V-S 64 It seems that Stephen Roylance succeeded with 0.9.3
821/D350 V 32 It seems that Hamish Moffatt succeeded with a new kernel!
813/D330 V-S 32 Peter Whysall reported a total success on his box. Here is the dmesg he sent us.
811/D310 V 32 It seems that Dave Weis and Richard Hirst made it boot!
861/D270 V-S 32 We received successful report with Debian-3.0r0, see the dmesg and cpuinfo.
813/D230 V-S 32 We received successful report with Debian-3.0r1 and netinst 2.4.20-pa35. Here are a dmesg and cpuinfo.
803/D220 V-S 32 Another successful report from Guy Martin with 2.4.20-pa32. See this log.
811/D210 V 32 Another feedback from Jan Heumann!
Others X It should be working, but we have no feedback about a successful try. So, mail us if it is the case!
E 856/E55 V-S 32 Tested here! Cristoph Plattner is back! Look at the several modifications he sent at the mailing list
816/E35 V-S 32 Tested here! We have this box, and thanks to Ryan Bradetich's efforts, we succeeded in booting the kernel. Now we are working on SCSI support (as for all E-class systems). We have to investigate directly onto the hardware since there isn't available documentation for SCSI controller. Stay tuned ! For now, you can use E-class as diskless servers (!). See also this mail for further info.
Others X It is not yet supported, but if you have any feedback about a successful try, mail us !
F,G,H,I All X It is not yet supported. Sorry :-(
If you want to make it work, you are welcome!
J 785/J7000 V 64 Matthew Wilcox says it works!
785/J6700 V 64 Matthew Zahorik says it works. See this for details.
785/J6000 V 64 Tested here! Successful report with 2.4.26-pa4. boot log
785/J5000 V 64 Tested here! It works well with 64bit SMP kernel, though we have only tested with serial console. Anyway, Matthew Wilcox says it should work because his J7000 works!
782/J2240 V 64 According to this mail, it is working. Here's a boot log
780/J282 V 64 Works fine SMP 32bit, see dmesg and CPU info.
770/J210 V 32 Works fine SMP, see dmesg and CPU info.
Others X It should be working, but we have no feedback from a successful try. So, mail us if it is the case!
K 800/K580 V 64 We received successful report with 2.4.20-pa32 and Debian 3.0. dmesg & CPU info.
829/K410 V-S 32 According to this mail, it sounds like K models should be working with 0.9.3!
898/K370 V-S 64 According to this mail it works fine with PDC_CONSOLE and kernel 2.4.20-pa32.
800/K360 V-S 64 Successful report UP with PDC_CONSOLE and kernel 2.4.19-pa16. See this log for details.
879/K260eg V-S 64 We received that dmesg, which shows that it works with 2.4.20 in UP. Update! Works MP too!
802/K250 V-S 64 Successful report with PDC_CONSOLE and kernel 2.4.19-pa16
800/K210 V 32 This box is known to work in SMP (quadri processor), with sti console. Successful report with 2.4.18-pa46.
819/K200 V-S 32 This box is now working (success reported with 2.4.19-pa21), using PDC_CONSOLE. See this thread on the m-l for additionnal info. dmesg & CPU info.
809/K100 V-S 32 We received confirmation that it is well supported (success reported with 2.4.19-pa24), using PDC_CONSOLE.
Others X It should be working but no feedback from a successful try, yet. So, mail us if it is the case!
L 800/L3000 X 64 Should work. Please send feedback!
800/L2000-44 V-S 64 Tested by PA/Linux team.
800/L1000-44 V-S 64 Tested here! We have tested this box SMP (2way) with 2.4.19-pa16, it works fine. boot log
800/L1000-36 V-S 64 Tested here!
N 800/N4000-55 V-S 64 According to Gururaj Ananthateerta it works in 64bit Non-SMP. Update!The box works SMP too, see this log
Others X It might be working but no feedback from a successful try, yet. So, mail us if it is the case!
R All X R are basically D with different case. Therefore, as for D class, serial access port is supported now (2.4.19-pa17). We would really appreciate feedback for these boxes, as they should work.
All X It is not yet supported even if it seems that Bjorn Helgaas is working on it. Sorry :-(
Once again, if you can help by any means, you are welcome!
712 All V 32 Tested here! Every models work but check our firmware here.
705 All V-S 32 Eerin Mikael Rosenstrom sent us this mail where he explains he successfully installed 0.9.3 with kernel 2.4.17-32.
715 64,80,100 V 32 Tested here! Be careful with these models especially if you use a HIL keyboard or a PS2 keyboard + an adapter module.
33,50,75 V 32 Tested here! It is operationnal.
33S aka Strider V-S 32 made it boot. We are working on it, especially on HIL driver!
725 725/100 V 32 Matthew Wilcox told us his box works Just Fine
725/50 V 32 Tested here! We have this box and it seems to work with the latest version.
725/75 V 32 Tested here! We have this box runnning diskless, but it seems to kill our hard-drives... It looks like our SCSI is pretty broken. It should work fine, please give feedback!
735 735/B V 32 Jan Heumman told us that it was running. See this mail Tobias Klausmann sent us about SCSI on 735/725!
735/99 V 32 Kevin Carson successfully installed the 0.9.x ISOs.
745i 745i/50 V-S 32 Paul Weissmann reported successful 2.4.20-pa32 kernel boot via lan. See this log for details.
755 755/99 V 32 Ryan Bradetich successfully installed PA/Linux.
742 742 V 32 Tested here! Successfully booted on SCSI and LAN (rboot)
743 743/100 V 32 Richard Hirst successfully installed PA/Linux.
710 50 V 32 Once again, Jan Heumann told us that he succeded to install 0.9.3 on this box!
Like for 710, try not to use tasksel step to install your packages.
Markus Grabert pointed us at this mail about successful X setup on this box!
720 50 V 32 Tested here! We successfully installed 0.9.3 from CD till our HD seems to have failed. We will try again as soon as we will install another HD.
730 66 V 32 Thanks again Markus Grabert for having sent us this useful mail that confirms that this box should work correctly!
750 66 V-S 32 Jan Heumann told us that he succeded to install 0.9.3 on this box!
Try not to use tasksel step to install your packages.

This list tends to clarify the list of models supported by PA/Linux. If you have any comment, error to report or idea about this page,

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