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If I ask you to name a business or any work for that matter that does not rely on the use of a computer, I’m sure you will find it hard to come up with an answer. That is because computers are used in literally every business and is used almost everywhere.

From running simple tasks at home to trading via binary option robot and even launching rockets into the space, computers have invaded every inch of our lives. So they have definitely made their mark everywhere, but have they really helped in improving businesses? Read on to find out.


The very first thing that computers have brought about is more employment. This is because, whenever a new technology is introduced, there is demand for a differently skilled workforce. In addition to training the existing employees, companies have a dedicated wing that is involved in the technology aspects.

Also, with the use of internet, people can even work from homes. So homemakers and even seniors can find ways to be employed and not worry about having to travel to their workplace.

Faster operations

Traditionally everything was done with pen and paper and so processing times were painfully longer. Computers have the ability to store a large amount of information in very less space. Conversely retrieving the information is also done easily. All the necessary information is also entered faster because there is no analog data entry involved. Bookkeeping has been greatly simplified by the use of computer programs too.


If there is one very important aspect of businesses that computers have helped enormously with, it has to be advertising. Online business websites help businesses have a better reach to their customers. With the advent of social networking and social media, businesses are able to achieve an unbelievable amount of exposure.

Increased production

The time taken for a product to go from a concept to material has been greatly reduced with the use of computers. For instance, even car parts can be designed using computer software programs and even their working can be simulated to check for their viability. Also, computers reduced the need for manual intervention and allow for automation and zero error.

With automation, manual defects are reduced and so manufacturing units are spewing out more quality materials and at a much faster rate.


An essential part of any business is communication. This can be between businesses, between a business and its customers and between a business and its clients. Faster communication directly translates into quicker completion of deals and revenue generation. A deal can now be closed with even a simple e-mail sent to the stakeholders. With improved communication, businesses are also able to expand beyond geographical boundaries.

Customers too are able to provide quick feedback and suggestions to businesses, thereby helping them improve their products and services. Even in case of complaints, computers are able to resolve customer issues promptly thereby improving customer satisfaction.


Computers are also useful for businesses to train their employees. Everything from standard procedures to company policy can be made online and reduces the need for hiring trainers. What’s even better new employees can also be assessed with online modules to see if the satisfy the necessary skill sets.

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