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712 results
This Page Generated: 2001-05-08 19:31:17 UTC - Tue May 08 19:31:17 UTC 2001
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SETI@home delta report for outfile.sah
When OK:
(actual delta) (allowed delta)
When Perfect:
0.0 (reference measurement)
When Bad:
(actual measurement) (reference measurement)
Checking 9 spikes
power delta others ?
0.0 (1.791e+02)
0.0 (1.903e+02)
2.899e-04 (1.789e-01)
1.984e-04 (1.796e-01)
1.144e-05 (4.627e-02)
1.984e-04 (1.769e-01)
3.052e-04 (1.868e-01)
3.052e-04 (1.882e-01)
3.052e-04 (1.811e-01)
Checking 2 gaussians
peak delta mean delta chisqr delta maxpow delta others ?
0.0 (2.476e+00)
1.788e-07 (6.407e-04)
4.768e-06 (8.324e-03)
1.907e-05 (5.174e-03)
0.0 (2.449e+00)
0.0 (6.146e-01)
1.907e-06 (8.481e-03)
1.907e-05 (5.174e-03)
Checking 1 pulses
power delta mean delta period delta snr delta thresh delta others ?
0.0 (1.606e+00)
0.0 (1.964e-03)
0.0 (1.079e-01)
0.0 (6.854e+00)
0.0 (6.676e+00)
Checking 2 triplets
power delta mean delta period delta others ?
0.0 (8.351e+00)
0.0 (7.888e-03)
0.0 (5.439e-01)
0.0 (8.564e+00)
0.0 (7.692e-03)
0.0 (5.439e-01)
Checking 12 < ogh ncfft= ... > lines
All < ogh ncfft= ... > lines are OK
Checking 12 < ogt ncfft= ... > lines
All < ogt ncfft= ... > lines are OK
CPU time: 455658.79 seconds == 126.57 hours

The deltas are computed: <reference value> - <test value>
power delta - the difference between power= on the spike: lines
peak delta - the difference between peak= on the gaussian: and pulse: lines
mean delta - the difference between mean= on the gaussian: and pulse: lines
chisqr delta - the difference between chisqr= on the gaussian: lines
others ? - indication if other fields on any line have differences

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SETI@home home page

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