Ubuntu HPPA Port Progress

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ports.ubuntu.com available

There is no longer a need for archive.slashdirt.org, as ports.ubuntu.org has been brought up to host second class citizen architectures for Ubuntu.

Hoary archive sorted out

There it is, at last, the hoary archive is fully constructed in a proper way at archive.slashdirt.org. It is not "complete" since a whole bunch of packages failed to build (in particular the KDE cruft), but what is there is properly sorted out, all arch-indep packages are there etc. As usual, it is highly unofficial and unsupported.
We will now start to move toward Breezy.

Machines are finally setup!

Well, it's past 1AM today, I've just finished setting up the new machines in the rack, after quite some pain (look at the photos on pateam's website, consider I was on my own, you'll understand why it was a pain :)
The machines page has been updated accordingly, and the state of the machines is reflected there, enjoy!

Hoary released, rack mess

As most of you may already know, Hoary has been released today (see www.ubuntulinux.org). That day was also the one I tried to setup new machines in the datacenter, yet, because of some rails/rack incompatibility, it wasn't possible to complete that task. Hopefully, these issues should be fixed sometime next week, stay tuned. In the meantime, hppa is currently 94.5% up-to-date for hoary!

New machines arrived

Thanks to the efforts of Grant Grundler, a whole bunch of new PA-RISC machines arrived today. They will expand the build farm in particular, helping us getting up-to-date and staying there! They should be setup in our data center by the end of next week.
And no, it's not an April fool!